Bathroom Glass Installation Precautions!

To prevent the problem of tempered glass bursting, it is best to let professionals install it after buying the door, which can prevent exposure due to improper installation. Do not cut it during decoration. The shape of the tempered glass can only be processed before tempering. If there are any problems in the treatment after that, you can only bear it yourself. Here are a few things to remember:

1. High quality tempered glass

 Glass with 3C certification is high-quality glass. In addition, you can use polarized sunglasses to look at the glass. If you can see colored stripes or the blue state of the glass when viewed from the side by the naked eye, it is a relatively high-quality glass. . Normal tempered glass will not be particularly flat, and you will feel the concave and convex curvature when viewed from the side.

2. Explosion-proof membrane 

 For the sake of beauty, I will not put explosion-proof film on the glass after I buy it. Although I know it has a certain effect, it will be automatically ignored for the sake of beauty. If possible, it must be covered with explosion-proof film, even if the glass explodes, it can prevent Glass ballast is flying all over the sky, causing harm to our safety. The explosion-proof membrane must also have a nationally certified style when choosing, so that it is more secure to use.

bathroom glass

3. Be extra careful to protect the corners 

 The position of the corners is a fatal disadvantage for tempered glass. Once cracks occur in these positions of the tempered glass, the whole piece of glass is easy to be broken directly. If we observe carefully in life, we can find that the safety hammer is indicated on the bus. The smashed place is the position of the corner, and the same reason is used. I don’t want the glass to break in the bathroom. Once broken, it will have a big impact on our lives. In daily life, we must pay attention to the protection of the glass corners, and regularly check whether there are cracks in the corners, etc. If the problem occurs, see if the glass is in a normal state.

4. Be careful with sharp objects 

 The strength of tempered glass can support several types of people, but as long as it is touched by sharp objects, it will break. It is fatal damage to the glass, and the cracks of the spider web will appear slowly, which will affect the practicality of the glass.

The safety of tempered glass is very high, but it is easy to be exposed in spaces with large temperature differences. In order to be safe, use hot water to properly balance the temperature of the glass door for about a minute when taking a shower in winter, so that it can adapt to the bathroom. The temperature of the tempered glass door is gradually increased, which can also prevent the self-exposure of the tempered glass door.

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