How to choose bathroom mirrors?


Everyone has a love of beauty, and mirrors are an important tool for grooming, and they often appear in various spaces in the home. Among them, the mirror is indispensable in the bathroom, but because the bathroom is humid and has a lot of water vapor, the choice of bathroom mirrors is slightly different from that of other space mirrors.

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Q1: What materials are the bathroom mirrors made of?

There are mainly two kinds of aluminum mirror and silver mirror.

Aluminum mirror: Use high temperature to directly vaporize solid aluminum, and then spray the gaseous aluminum on the glass surface. When the gaseous aluminum encounters cold glass, it will be directly solidified into solid aluminum, forming a layer of aluminum film on the glass surface, and then coated with waterproof paint. , forming an aluminum mirror.

Silver mirror: Use silver nitrate, ammonia water, etc. to reduce silver ions to metallic silver and cover the glass surface after chemical reactions, and then apply waterproof paint to form a silver mirror.

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Q2: According to appearance, how many kinds of bathroom mirrors are there?

Bathroom mirrors have a variety of appearances. From the appearance point of view, bathroom mirrors can be roughly divided into three types: large bathroom mirrors, table mirrors and embedded bathroom mirrors.

Q3: Can the bathroom mirror be anti-fog?

Moisture from taking a shower in the bathroom always fogs up the mirror and renders it useless. As technology has advanced, a solution to this problem that drives many people crazy has emerged.

Anti-fog film: There is an anti-fog film tailored for bathroom mirrors on the market. This is a translucent polyester film that can generate heat after being energized. The special conductive heating material is sealed in two layers of polyester film. The electrocaloric effect is also applied. The thickness of the anti-fog film is about 0.4 mm. Before use, stick it on the back of the bath mirror, and apply it from one end, as flat as possible. The power switch of the anti-fog film should be connected in parallel with the mirror headlight for convenience.

Different types of mirrors have their unique advantages. You can choose the right mirror according to your own bathroom situation and your own preferences.

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