Features of Silver Mirror:
1. Manufactured by using distortion-free float glass
2. Offers excellent resistance to atmospheric agents
3. With long-lasting performance and durability, perfectly flat surface, etc.
4. Provide distortion-free image reflection
5. Easy processing and installation
Features of Copper Free Mirror:
1. Clear and exact images.
2. No distortion.
3. Water-resistant, acid-resistant, moisture-resistant.
4. Mirror use for wall, bathroom, cosmetic, decoration, furniture.
5. Mirror can make different shape.
Features of Copper Free Mirror:
1. Transforms internal spaces with brilliance and perspective
2. Optical quality and durability
3. Without distortion
4. Various shape for decoration
5. Various edge works
6. Easy to install
7. Easy to process
Applications of Smart Mirror:
1. Bathrooms Mirror
2. Makeup studios Mirror
3. SPAs Mirror
4. Furniture Mirror
5. Dressing Room Mirror
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