Features of Smart Mirror:
1. Copper free mirror, can effectively prevent the black spots, not easy to be corroded.
2. Fog resistant, with heated demister pad, keep away from fuzzy images.
3. Intelligent touch, one touch defogging with time display, bluetooth speaker.
4. Easy to install, wall mounts.
5. No maintenance, very easy to clean.
Features of Copper Free Mirror:
1. Environmentally friendly.
2. Transforms internal spaces with brilliance and perspective,Increase the feeling of space and enhances.
3. Optical quality and durability.
4. Easy processing and installation.
5. Processed product variations,suitable for cutting into regular and more unusual shapes.
Features of Copper Free Mirror:
1. No distortion.
2. The mirror surface is clear and bright, giving distinct and lifelike image.
3. The plating layer is rigid and bond and the protective layer impregnable with good erosion-resistance.
4. Clear and exact image with true color (not change the original color of objects).
5. Copper free, will not cause heavy metal contamination.
Features of Copper Free Mirror:
1. Clear and exact images.
2. No distortion.
3. Water-resistant, acid-resistant, moisture-resistant.
4. Mirror use for wall, bathroom, cosmetic, decoration, furniture.
5. Mirror can make different shape.
Features of Makeup Mirror:
1. Smart touch sensor
2. Adjustment the brightness
3. Warm light color & Cool light color
4. Standing & Wall mounted
Features of Makeup Mirror:
1. Smart touch sensor buttons 2.3-color lights changeable
3. Dimmable brightness
4. Logo printing
5. Table Mirror/ Wall mounted
Features of Makeup Mirror:
1. The delicate combination of metal frame and high-definition copper free silver mirror, meet the needs of daily and professional makeup.
2. LED bulb, three light sources can be freely switched.
3. Smart touch, stepless dimming.
4. Foam non-slip pad at the bottom, safe and stable.
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