1. Smooth and flat surface and good vision, visible flaws is controlled strictly.
2. Excellent optical performance, high light transmittance.
3. Stable chemical properties
4. Substrate for each level of glass processing, easily to be cut, insulated, tempered etc.
Features of Patterned Glass:
1. Patterned Glass fully allows the light to pass through and on the other hand can limit or prevent clear view effectively.
2. Patterned Glass Available in a wide variety of patterns, add perfect complement to many interior designs.
3. Patterned Glass Heavy patterned glasses provide added strength and support and the patterns will never fade.
4. Patterned Glass can be cut, ground, drilled, tempered, laminated and printed, etc.
Features of Patterned Glass:
1. More Steady
2. Super Fine and High Transparent
3. Available on Various Colors
4. Available on Various Pattern
5. Widely used in Building, Door, Window, Furniture, Home Appliance, Daily Products etc.
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