The function of bathroom LED mirror

There are countless types of mirrors on the market today, but it is not easy to choose the one that suits you. At present, many people use traditional mirrors in their homes, either simply the lenses are attached to the wall, or the mirrors are added with a frame. Sometimes the light bulbs in the bathroom are old and the brightness is not enough. When you put on makeup, you can't see whether the makeup is compliant or not, and it is easy to make a joke. For this reason, there is a household product called LED bathroom mirror. It is made of ultra-silver lenses and a bathroom-grade aluminum alloy frame, surrounded by light strips, so it can still glow when used as a mirror. There are two colors of lights, warm yellow and cool white. But don't underestimate it, it's not just a mirror that glows, it also comes with a lot of functions.

bathroom mirror

The built-in magnifying glass can effectively solve the effect of checking whether the makeup is docile. When installed in the bathroom, there is no need to worry about the mirror fogging, because it adds an anti-fog film, and when it is turned on, the anti-fog film heating mode is turned on, so no matter how much water vapor, it will not fog.

led mirror

There are anti-fog mirrors on the market, mainly coated anti-fog mirrors and electric anti-fog mirrors. The former prevents the fog layer by covering the micro-holes; the latter increases the temperature of the mirror surface by electric heating, and the fog evaporates quickly, so that the fog layer cannot be formed, and the value of the mirror is very high. In terms of materials, mirrors are divided into aluminum mirrors and silver mirrors. When choosing mirrors, we choose silver mirrors whenever possible. Mercury has a high density, fits easily into glass, and doesn't get wet easily. It can be used for a long time. Most waterproof mirrors on the market are silver mirrors.

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